Caravan tyres

Safe braking, steering and acceleration are even more important when you are towing a caravan, which is why at Scotts Tyres, we can advise you on the best caravan tyres to suit you and your budget.

Plus, if you’d like your caravan tyres fitted, our friendly and highly trained team will be happy to help. We’ll ensure the tyres are identical across each axle – both in size, speed rating and load index.

Trailers Tyres

Similarly, trailer tyres play an important part in maintaining safety out on the road. Whatever the type of load you tow, we bring over 35 years of experience to bear for you.

Operating as leading independent tyre dealers for the Northampton region, at our family run business we put you first, delivering quality customer service as well as quality caravan and trailer tyres.

Look no further for the best caravan tyres and trailer tyres near you. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements or to find out what deals we currently have.